The Newest StoryMap is Live!

Stephanie Laseter (SRS) and AJ Beck (Northern Research Station) have developed a StoryMap for the Southern Research Station Experimental Forests.  The map is an interactive tool highlighting locations of Experimental Forests, points of contact, current and historical research, partner forests, and scenarios from the Southern Forest Futures Project.

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The Newest StoryMap is Live!
News Alert Conserving the South’s Forests in a Rapidly Changing Future

CIFS Scientists and collaborators have developed a new risk-based framework that focuses on anticipating and guiding ecological responses to change.

News Alert U.S. Forest Products in the Global Economy

Prospects are good for wood used in construction, but the paper sector is unlikely to recover to its 1990s levels

News Alert How Drought Affects Forests and Streams

New article that furthers our understanding the interactions among drought, hydrology, and vegetation

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