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James M. Vose

James VoseDr. James Vose is Research Ecologist and Project Leader of the Center for Integrated Forest Science (CIFS), within the USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station and in partnership with the North Carolina State University, Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources, where he is also Adjunct Professor. Prior to becoming co-founder of CIFS, Dr. Vose led cutting-edge research in forest ecology at the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory for 25 years.

Area of Expertise:
Ecohydrology, forest-climate-land use interactions, science and policy syntheses

Research Interests:
My research approach spans the continuum from leaves to landscapes, and includes determination of the roles of species and natural and anthropogenic disturbances in regulating watershed ecosystem processes. This includes conducting and leading numerous interdisciplinary studies investigating ecosystem responses to prescribed burning, evaluating the effectiveness of riparian zone restoration and buffer widths, and quantifying ecosystem responses to climate change, forest management activities, and insect outbreaks.

My current research with the Center for Integrated Forest Science builds on this foundation of research to address interactions between disturbance and ecosystem processes at larger spatial scales. I am leading efforts to examine the interactions among climate, land use change, and water resources at river basin scales; and assessing the effectiveness of best management practices and policies for mitigating undesirable impacts.

B.S. Southern Illinois University (1982)
M.S. Northern Arizona University (1984)
Ph.D. North Carolina State University (1987)

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