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Stephanie Laseter

Stephanie LaseterStephanie Laseter is a Biological Scientist with the USDA, Southern Research Station (SRS), Center for Integrated Forest Science (CIFS).  She is located in Franklin, North Carolina. Prior to joining the CIFS team, she served as the Hydrologist and Data Manager at the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory. In addition to managing the core, long-term climate and streamflow network, Stephanie was also actively involved with staff scientists on research projects that included water quality responses to prescribed fire, sediment and nutrient loads; water quantity responses to species loss, disturbance and climate change.  Her research centered on analysis of long-term hydrologic and climate trends, and she was the lead for Coweeta data management methods, IT support and web design.  She has expertise in the design, installation, and maintenance of environmental monitoring equipment, including climate stations and water quality and quantity monitoring.

Research Interests:
Stephanie is currently working on a long-term special assignment to increase the effectiveness of the 19 SRS Experimental Forests to meet the science needs of the 21st century, while simultaneously making better use of the resources and the long-term investments in EFRs. A network will link sites strategically located across geographic domains and environmental gradients, sampling a full complement of locations that are representative of the diversity of environments in question and would have the ability to answer larger scale questions.

B.S., Auburn University (1999)
M.S., University of Georgia (2002)

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