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Decisions Nonindustrial Forest Landowners Make: An Empirical Examination

Our purpose is to estimate a model of non-industrial forest landowner behavior that considers certain types of behavior that have escaped discussion and rigorous investigation in the literature, yet which are critical to future policy making. Our focus on the many different but related decisions landowners make broadens the typical understanding of landowner behavior to show how bequest motives, debt and participation in non-timber activities, and harvesting decisions are interrelated and dependent on landowner preferences, market, and land characteristics.


Conway, M. Christine
Amacher, Gregory S.
Sullivan, Jay
Wear, David

Scientific Journal (JRNL)

Journal of Forest Economics 9(3):181-203

Conway, M. Christine; Amacher, Gregory S.; Sullivan, Jay; Wear, David 2003. Decisions Nonindustrial Forest Landowners Make: An Empirical Examination. Journal of Forest Economics 9(3):181-203.

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